On the the 27th of May 2022, I travelled to Bristol to sit my final exam at the Bayly School.
It was planned to be a family trip, however, we were caught up in the Easy Jet flight cancellations, so it was decided that I would travel on my own.

After a plane to Manchester, three trains and a quick stroll, I arrived in my hotel at midnight, exhausted but looking forward to the exam.

An early rise to catch the train the Worchester, where the Bayly school is located, I was met by Nicola Hall , by whom I would be examined. Nicola is one of the country’s most experienced practitioners, author of ten reflexology books, Director of The Bayly School of Reflexology and the President of the British Reflexology Association. 

I had previously sat the 3 hour written paper in Scotland, and in this instance it was the practical element which involved a consultation and a treatment on a client. In this case my client was to be Nicola (I was also lucky to receive a treatment from her too). The exam went well and I was absolutely delighted with the feedback received. 

We had a lovely lunch, in the grounds of the School and I returned to Bristol where I celebrated with an ice-cream on the canal.

The next day I took a walking tour around Bristol. I also visited the cathedral and spent time in the garden grounds relaxing.

Then it was back to the airport on Sunday and home to open my diary to new clients.

Until the 30th of September 2022 my appointments will be £20. This is to test run the online booking system and resolve any issues encountered. You will be asked to pay a £20 booking fee at the time of booking and there will be no balance due. 


I look forward to meeting you soon.

Claire 🙏