There are four elements in nature. Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Earth is physical. It symbolises stability, fertility, grounding, dependability, security. It is the foundation of Four Elements Therapies and thus it is Claire, the treatment room and the outside spaces used for therapies.

Water is cleansing and fluid. It symbolises healing, regeneration, receiving and unconditional love. Water symbolises the therapies that Claire offers.

Fire is transformational and purifying. It symbolises energy, activity, passion, freedom, power and strength. It is creative as it is destructive. Fire symbolises the classes, workshops and retreats that will be available to book.

Air is the breath of life and it is cleansing. It symbolises communication, intelligence, knowledge, creativity, learning and imagination. It is a way to Inform and Educate through Four Elements blogs and social media.

The sunset and sunrise are also symbolic in connecting all the Elements together.

The sunset is the last burst of vibrant energy before darkness comes. It is a time to be grateful for the surrounding beauty and the day that has passed. A moment to say goodbye in love, knowing that with the sunrise a brand-new day begins.

The sunrise is the first glimmer of light and energy awakening the landscape. Breaking night into day. When it is time to slowly activate our energy. To state a positive affirmation and send it into the universe. A time of calm before the demands of our daily lives commence.